Photography from Ground Level

There is something to be said about taking photos with a film camera. Using a film camera, in this case a Pentax K1000, without the immediacy of results of a digital camera makes you prepare in different ways. This week I finished a roll of film and had it developed. It took longer than I originally planned. The series of photos I took with the film I call Photography from Ground Level as I took the pictures from atop a small tripod close to the ground. See the photo of the camera for my February photos post to see the setup. This makes for a perspective that is different than our usual eye level view. I learned that it was necessary to prepare before putting the camera on the ground as it isn’t easy looking through the viewfinder at that level to check exposure and there isn’t a display on the back of the camera to fall back on. Below is a photo of some of the resulting prints.

Update: View some of the photos at Cheamweb Photo Gallery.


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