Autumn leaves

It is now fall the leaves are changing colour. Below are a few photos that I took this month.

  • Photo of fall leaves
  • Photo of fall leaves
  • Photo of fall leaves
  • Photo collage of fall leaves

Recently I took part in an event (online) called Hutchmoot Homebound put on by the Rabbit Room community. It was a fun weekend of “Music, Art, and Story” with a keynote address by Steve Taylor. In addition to the presentations and music there was a contest with some puzzles to be solved and surprises along the way. Among the sessions was one by Matthew Dickerson who spoke about a short story by J.R.R. Tolkien called “Leaf by Niggle” that tells the story of a painter of leaves and the journey he takes.

The Rabbit Room also started a reading group to further explore the story, Tolkien, creativity and faith.

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