Spring Flowers

Photos of apple blossoms and tulips that are appearing this year. Apple blossomsApple blossomsTulipTulip QuintetTulip Quintet

Spring Cycling

This past week the weather has been sunny and warm. One of the things that is still possible to do is to be outside and go cycling. I went for several rides this week and it was enjoyable to be back into biking again: something I haven't been doing as much as I would have... Continue Reading →

The Colour Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day. A recent photo I took of some green in nature. The Colour Green Rich Mullins had a wonderful song titled The Color Green. He also made a video for the song that has an introduction along with some Irish scenes.

Christmas Wallpaper images

There are several wallpaper images available for your computer/mobile device to brighten things up. Just check the page for current ones as they may change from time to time. Currently you can download some for advent and a festive Christmas wallpaper.

Autumn leaves

It is now fall the leaves are changing colour. Below are a few photos that I took this month. Fall leavesFall leavesFall leavesPhoto collage of fall leaves Recently I took part in an event (online) called Hutchmoot Homebound put on by the Rabbit Room community. It was a fun weekend of "Music, Art, and Story"... Continue Reading →

Film photography

In the last few months I had a film in my Pentax K1000 camera again. While digital cameras provide great new opportunities, I still appreciate the simplicity that can come using a film camera. Below are several of the photos taken with the K1000. They were taken between May and Aug. 2020 with a 28mm... Continue Reading →

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