Spring Cycling

This past week the weather has been sunny and warm. One of the things that is still possible to do is to be outside and go cycling. I went for several rides this week and it was enjoyable to be back into biking again: something I haven't been doing as much as I would have... Continue Reading →

The Colour Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day. A recent photo I took of some green in nature. The Colour Green Rich Mullins had a wonderful song titled The Color Green. He also made a video for the song that has an introduction along with some Irish scenes.

Christmas Wallpaper images

There are several wallpaper images available for your computer/mobile device to brighten things up. Just check the page for current ones as they may change from time to time. Currently you can download some for advent and a festive Christmas wallpaper.

Autumn leaves

It is now fall the leaves are changing colour. Below are a few photos that I took this month. Fall leavesFall leavesFall leavesPhoto collage of fall leaves Recently I took part in an event (online) called Hutchmoot Homebound put on by the Rabbit Room community. It was a fun weekend of "Music, Art, and Story"... Continue Reading →

Film photography

In the last few months I had a film in my Pentax K1000 camera again. While digital cameras provide great new opportunities, I still appreciate the simplicity that can come using a film camera. Below are several of the photos taken with the K1000. They were taken between May and Aug. 2020 with a 28mm... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

In days of anxiety and uncertainty may you experience the hope of Easter. Jesus is Risen. He is Risen Indeed! Update: I went out in the morning to take some photos of the tulips and daffodils. Easter Flowers: tulips and daffodils

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